Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a wonderful trip


The establishment where we stayed this time was a little bit expensive.
At the entrance much stuff waited for us, and they bowed all together.
This establishment was large and courtyard was beautiful.
We were able to stay at two big joinable rooms.
My nephew called U-chan was more than delighted to crawl in the large Japanese styled room more than usual.
My husband got used to take care of our nephew.
So he lifted up him when he moved to the dangerous place and he took him to various places to lift him up.
There was each small garden at the each small open air bath room.
We chose cypress bath and I soaked in it with my mother, sister and nephew.
My nephew called U-chan watched my big bump. So I said “ A boy like your brother is here. “
to him. Then he looked like understanding it and pointed himself and my sister’s stomach.
Probably he wanted to say “ I was here. “ to me.
I can’t soak in the bathtub for a long time. So I finished taking a bath soon.
At the end of the brilliant sunny day we had dinner at our room.
I wanted to drink after taking a bath but I made do with jasmine tea.
In addition I wanted to eat a ice cream but I didn’t eat it.
Evev so it was really wonderful time because I didn’t need care what to eat and I was able to enjoy going traveling with my family.
I don’t drink much tap water like I used to. So my water intake is decreasing more than before.
This time I left Tokyo and I drank water more than usual without knowing. So I waked up to go to the bathroom much more in the middle of the night.
It hasn’t been happening like that.


Kay said...

Wow! This sounded wonderful. This wasn't in Shirakawago, was it?

Maria said...

Dear Aya, what a pleasant day you spent with your family! Soon your little nephew will have somebody to play with!
Thank you for your visit on my blog. This weekend I am also very tired and I slept today until noon. My husband cooked a meal and I had lunch instead of breakfast ;)
Maybe your baby makes you feel tired too! In about one and a half months you will hold him in your arms! Best wishes!
PS: I will send you a CD with my photos from Egypt and from Turkey if you so wish!

Kay said...

I'm so glad you had such a good time, Aya. The reason your comments are gone is because Blogspot had some technical difficulties. Everybody's comments disappeared. Even our Thursday posts disappeared. I had to repost it, but the comments were gone. Thank goodness it's working again.

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, I'm glad to read about your beautiful day with your family!
About my trip to the mountains, the weather was good, but the lunch unfortunately was bad...! ;-)
Happy Monday

::KNB:: said...

wow.. so nice. i need a holiday....
kindly visit & Support my blog.

Pietro said...

Hi Ayamlin! It's true, the rain is not good because of the radioactivity in the water: maybe it would be better for you to go out less when it's raining.

Marina said...

I wish you the best last month of your pregnancy! Prepear everything!!! He will be soon among us!!!

Cheryl said...

I enjoyed reading of your trip, sounds as if everyone had a wonderful time. The rooms sounded delightful as well as the open air bath. How fun it must have been with your little nephew.