Sunday, May 08, 2011

the first happy mother’s day*


Today it's mother's day.
I do something for my mother-in-law for mother’s day but I don’t do something special
for my mother.
Mother-in-law seemed to be pleased to get orchid from my husband.
So she called his cell phone few hours ago.
My husband got a rose on the way home from the hair salon in the evening.
He handed it to me while saying “ You’re almost a mom.”
And he picked up Goya (bitter gourd) from the plastic bag and stir- fried it with some meat
and egg after checking a recipe on the net.
It was the best dish I had been eating. So I ate it while saying “ It’s very good. Very good! “.
He looked like he was happy also.
Today was the first happy mother’s day for me.


Kay said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Aya! You really are going to be a mother very soon. I see from your photos that your dish looks like what we call bitter melon in Hawaii. I'm sorry, but I've never been quite able to like that vegetable. Many people do like it though.

Your husband is a very thoughtful man. He's going to be an excellent dad.

Emille said...

Yes, You ARE already a mother, Ayalin:) So happy you enjoyed today. The food your hubby cooked, looks delicious!

(I am the same as Jeannette St.G. from Mysteries - for my new blog I have the name "Emille" and maybe you haven't looked at your Facebook, but I am on there as Jesh St.G. - Maria Knoche from Austria alerted me that you were at Facebook).

Have a wonderful week!!

Pietro said...

Hello Ayamlin! The dish of meat and vegetables looks very good indeed!
Have a pleasant day :-)

Marina said...

And you're going to have alot in the future!!!! Happy mother's day!!!

PS: We don't drink water from the tab! And our coffee is being made by mineral water, too! But when I cook I use clean water from a water filter.

Maria said...

Oh Aya, what a wonderful mothers day you had! I also think that your husband is very happy :) Best wishes!

Cheryl said...

Happy first Mother's Day to you. How sweet of your husband to bring you a rose and make you a meal.