Wednesday, May 18, 2011

these happy days


my maternity leave started.
Yesterday it was my second day being a full time housewife that is addictive.
I wake my husband up, made dinner and had it together.
Then I saw my husband out and I was relaxed while watching TV.
And then I took food on the trays in the fridge and washed the trays.
I wanna clean each place in my house in turns everyday.
I’ve wanted to do that!
Small things make me joyful and happy.
And yesterday I went to see the doctor to check my baby.
I was worried because my baby was in breech position but my baby turned around in this
two weeks and he is head down now.
I’m relieved. My baby is a very good boy. Thanks to my baby!
Many people say “ You must be looking forward to seeing your baby. Your baby is almost
coming out. “ to me. But I’m gonna missing being pregnant more than looking forward to
seeing my baby.
Probably these 8 months was the happiest time in my life.
Pregnancy is much more wonderful experience than I imagined and I didn’t feel maternity blue.
I watch news about young couples kill or abuse their babies on TV many times.
Why I was able to feel that is that I’m not in my twenties and that’s why I was able to feel that
and have space in my mind. I thought of that when my friend called me last night.
Each person has the best timing. My best timing is now probably.
The storks with batons that left from me are almost to my best friends.
I wanna say “The storks are working on it. So why don’t you keep at it. “ to them.
By the way this picture is a picture that my husband took in Toyama.


Cartonnage Creativo by Ada. said...

You sound so happy when I read you, that it transmits your happiness. I am realy glad. Enjoy the last month, but really the best is when you have your baby. ks

Marina said...

Enjoy these days! You feel your baby, you carry him with you all the time and he's safe in your belly! That feeling is wonderful-I can remember it!!!
Did you see how many Greek women and girls are visiting me? Isn't that great? I almost feel like I never left my country! That's an important reason I write in greeks! But because of you and some other foreign friends I'm gonna write in English AND Greeks really soon.
Let me know when the happy date is going to be! I know that is going to be in June! Tell me some more details in an email! I hope you still have my adress...If not I'll tell you!!!

linda croissant said...

hi u r taking maternity leave now? good news that ur baby turned round..he is ready!!!

uhooi said...

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Anette said...

Enjoy, enjoy! This is a wonderful time of your life, you'll probably never feel as alive as you do right now, carrying your baby inside your big belly, giving birth to your baby, and to kiss your newborn baby!

Kay said...

I'm so glad everything is going well for you, Aya! Get lots of rest. Having a baby is the most wonderful thing, but you will need your energy.

Emille said...

Great to be on leave, and have all your attention to the baby who's coming! Being pregnant is one of the most unforgettable experiences-but a baby is even more! So excited the time is coming close:)