Thursday, June 02, 2011

one of Japan's three most beautiful gardens called Kenrokuen


I wanna talk about the thing in the last half of the holiday in May.
We, Japanese, have a week holiday on the beginning of May. It would be boring if you stayed home all days.
I was 8 months pregnant. So I couldn't get on the plane and I’m a short on physical strength.
That's why I couldn't go traveling far away.
We go traveling to the north of Japan often. But that’s too bad I should avoid going there.
And I came up with going to the middle of Japan. It’s Hokuriku and Shirakawago in Gifu.
I had been thinking I wanna go there when I saw pictures that Kay took there.
But it was hard to book accommodations and trains on the day before our date of departure.
Every accommodation was fully booked. And then my husband found them for a half day.
We took high-class seats of two trains. So it was very comfortable and we were able to sleep
there. We didn’t have any plans. So we decided to go to a famous beautiful Japanese garden called Kenrokuen.
It was already over when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. But it looked very shinning in the garden in the season when the fresh greens come out.
The season when the leaves turn red or yellow is good but in the spring when various lives come out I feel like getting energies from them.
My SONY camera that my husband got for my birthday is small as a digital single-lens reflex camera. But it’s very good. So when we go to the beautiful places, my husband and I compete to take good pictures by it.
The garden was larger than I imagined and I got tired easily because my bump became bigger every single day. So I walked while being out of breath and rubbing my bump.
I heard snow covered the garden is much more beautiful but it looked very beautiful.


Maria said...
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Maria said...

Hi Aya, the garden is really beautiful! I would love to walk along the brooklet with you! One day... :)
It's so nice to read what you write about the time of your pregnancy. I have never had a baby but I can imagine that it is quite hard sometimes. But now you can enjoy the last month at home as a house wife before you give birth to your child!

We have a holiday today in Austria and my husband and I went dining out. We went to an Asian restaurant, Bamboo, and they have a teriyaki grill. You can chose all the ingrediants yourself and watch the cook preparing your meal. It was DELICIOUS! We had a lot of seafood and vegetables!

I wish you a pleasant weekend, my dear!

Jean said...

This does look like a beautiful, enchanted place. So glad you got to have a little vacation there, Ayamlin!

Marina said...

Your trip gave us a wonderful photo!!! Enjoy nature, it's beautiful this time of the year!!!
Yesterday I sat near a Japaness at the metro. She was holding her baby boy and he smiled at me. Then I touched his hand and his mother smiled too! At that time I thought of you and your baby...

PS: My mail is still the same! You can email me any time!!!

Fresh impulse said...

That`s wonderful garden! It takes my breath away...

You can see my "garden" at:

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, this is a very nice garden and a beautiful image!

dulcigal said...

What beautiful photos! Our daughter finished her Japanese language study in Tokyo in April. She wants to live and work in Japan and we would love to visit. I've added this garden to the list of places we must go.

I found your blog through "Next Blog" on Blogger. So happy I did!

Kay said...

Very beautiful, Aya! We really loved all three gardens when we went there. I'm still not able to visit everybody's blogs yet because I'm so jet lagged from our trip to the National Parks, but I'm so happy to see that you were able to enjoy the garden.

Steve said...

Beautiful place!