Sunday, June 19, 2011

Super Cool Biz


My husband’s company started to do “ Super Cool Biz “.
It means co-workers can work wearing an aloha shirt and chino pants not a business suit.
But nobody hasn’t done that yet.
Because they can’t visit their customers wearing that.
We have to save the electricity this summer. It’s our first priority!
So why don’t all companies start to do “ Super Cool Biz “!
I changed the tablecloth on the table for summer.
I got this cloth in New Caledonia.
I enjoy feeling like summer before summer!


Pietro said...

Hi Ayamlin! It's very nice your new tablecloth for summer, I see also a delicious salad with tomatoes, really inviting!
Happy Monday :-)

Kay said...

That looks wonderful! I think it's great that everybody is allowed to wear cooler clothing. I makes so much sense. It doesn't even have to be an aloha shirt. Perhaps a short sleeve shirt would be comfortable, cooler and still exude a more business feel to it.

Emille said...

Love your summer table setting! It gives a feeling of accomplishment, doesn't it?