Thursday, June 23, 2011

taking a walk at the park in the next town


I got a check up for the baby yesterday. The doctor who was strict was his first time to exam me and I was warned various things.
He might tell it up to me. But his words made me scary.
My baby is coming out soon. So I decided to walk for 3 hours a day.
The first day, today, I decided to go to the park in the next town.
I walked from my house there for an hour, walked in the park for an hour and walked to my house for an hour.
I left home before 11 in the morning. So I got hungry when I got to the park.
I brought three rice balls that we call “ Onigiri “.
I cooked rice with the pressure cooker in the morning and put sea weeds called Kombu that was simmered in soy sauce in the rice and wrapped it with sea weed called Nori.
The rice balls were really delish.
I sweated a lot. That’s why the salt of the sea weed was definitely the thing that I wanted.
Many people got sunpoisoning already.
So I walked in the jogging road while drinking enough water and was careful not to be too much hot.
The sound of birds singing and of leaves swinging felt so comfortable. So I didn’t need to listen to the music.
Sometimes I rubbed my tummy and said “ Mom is working for delivering you. So you try to work for it. “ to my baby.
Anyway it was too much hot in the park around at noon. I felt my temperature going up.
So I took some break while reading a book at the lobby in the public hall where I found by coincidence. And then I got home.
I left home before 11 in the morning and go home over at 4 in the afternoon.
I was tired but it felt very good. I was able to finish today comfortable.
So I’ll go to the park tomorrow again!


Pietro said...

Ayamlin, you certainly benefit from a nice and relaxing walk at the park. About rice, it's one of my favourite foods (also pasta, of course!), and today I'll have a delicious rice dish for lunch!
Have a beautiful Friday! :-)

Kay said...

Aya, are you sure you're not overdoing it? I'm thinking you're perhaps staying on your feet too much. You should also be sure to carry water with you so you're not dehydrated. Please take good care of yourself. This is your first baby so it should take a little longer to deliver. My second child, Jon was born in the hospital elevator because he came too soon. My husband had to deliver him all by himself.

It will all go fine and you'll have such a beautiful memory. I remember when my daughter had her baby 4 years ago. I was surprised at what an easy time she had. You are in good condition so I know things will go well... but please take it easy, too.

Jean said...

Ayamlin, we are all waiting anxiously to hear how you are doing!