Monday, June 06, 2011

world heritage, Shirakawago


I went to Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa and stayed in Toyama thing in the last half of the holiday in May.
By coincidence I went to Toyama in the same holiday last year.
My husband told me that he wanted to go to eat fresh fish that took from near the fishing port called Himi.
I was satisfied to eat fresh fish when I went traveling with my family in the beginning of the holiday. So it was not that I wanted to eat it but we ended up going to the restaurant to be able to eat it.
There were men who were in the same generation as us and enjoyed drinking around there.
I guess they went to the same school.
I was surprised when I heard their conversations.
Because one of them talked about the same area as I live.
I found out he lives there and he got back there because of the holiday.
In the following day we left for Shirakawago where I really wanted to go.
Taking a walk around the town, and we got on the train.
It was crowded because of the holiday and I saw few foreigners.
We took the bus after the train for few hours. And then finally we got there.
The scenery from the high hill looked like a diorama.
Shiwakawago was a very small town more than I imagined.
There were people who live there. It means the town was not the town for the tourists.
But it was organized for the tourist.
Clean much water was running in the canal and it was like time passed slowly there.
Local children played in the unwatered rice fields.
It was looked like the scenery of 30 years ago.
There were few accommodations there but we couldn’t book there.
So we took the bus for a half hour and got to a B&B where we were able to soak in the hot spring.
There were small bathtubs like for family use and the rooms where you can hear the voice from next rooms.
The B&B was very small and meals that were served there were very simple.


Pietro said...

Hello Ayamlin! It'salways nice to read about your holidays, you enjoy them so much!
I'm glad you remember me when you eat spaghetti: they are one of my favorite dishes! I hope in Japan you can find all the kinds of spaghetti: alla bolognese, al pomodoro, aglio olio e peperoncino, alla carbonara, alle vongole, etc.
Have a pleasant day :-)

Marina said...

Dear friend thank you in advance for sending me a present!!! You shouldn't do that!!! My present from you is your friendship!!!
What I was saying at my blog is that my girls are having their exams and we all are very tired!!! I help them and they try to do their best!
In less than a month your baby will arrive! I'm sure you're making all the necessery preparations (baby clothes, bed etc). Everything is really small and pretty isn't it?
I'm so happy for you....!

Jean said...

This adventure sounds so interesting. And you are sure doing well to be traveling during these last weeks of your pregnancy!

Soon you'll have a little boy to take with you on your adventures....

antigoni said...

You shouldn't send me anything. But i look forward for my present. I know it's gonna be nice because you have very good taste in presents. How are things in Japan? Are they better now from the accident? I 'm sure you enjoyed your trip. The baby is coming soon, so it was the last quiet trip with your husband. But believe me the trips you're going to have with kids will be adventures. So many new things to see and discover.

Kay said...

I just had to see this post because it brought back such lovely memories of our time there. I'm sure it was a lot warmer for you than it was for us since it snowed when we were there. Even though it was cold, it was very beautiful and we loved our bed and breakfast. They had the most amazing food. I'm so glad you've been able to enjoy yourselves before the baby is born.

Marina said...

Μy beloved friend thanks a lot about the presents!!! I loved them!!! I'll see them and I'll think of you!!!
My mind is with you these days knowing that the time has come to deliver your baby! I wish you an easy birth!!!

Jewel Megs said...

this place is amazing, quiet peaceful I would love to stay in this kind of place.

asor said...

Clean much water was running in the canal and it was like time passed slowly there.
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