Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our fourth day in Saipan


On our fourth day in Saipan the sunshine got stronger than the previous day.
Well, today is our last day when we can enjoy doing anything in a whole day. We're going where?
We came up with going round the island or going to the other beaches.
But we were not sure there were much more fish than Managaha island.
In other way around it seemed possible that there weren't fish there.
That' why we decided to go to Managaha island again.
We went to the tent on the beach in front of the hotel.
A man of Sea Horse memorized my name and called " aya-chan " pleasantly.
This convenient handsome man was the president of Sea Horse that I knew after getting back
to Japan and his wife is Japanese.
Business needs to memorize the name also the face, you know.
That's important. Because you would be pleased when the person memorized you.
" Today Sanji isn't here? " I said it to him. Then he looked for him and got him.
until the boat picking up us we talked with Sanji whom we got along with.
I said “ Yesterday we walked to COSTCO. Do you pronounce CO-SU-CO? “” to Sanji.
He said “ No way?! I’ve never walked there. !
We said good-by to Sanji shaking hands because he told us he wasn’t here when we
got back from the island.
We got on the boat with a beach mat and a cooler box.
On the day we found clear long big fish with his long mouth like a pointed beak.
in much clear long fish called halfbeak that gathered around us when we snorkeled.
He was really big and swam slowly and elegantly. In addition he looked snob.
He totally wasn’t interested in pieces of bread that was feed for fish.
He seemed like he wanted to say “ Huh? Even I won’t eat such a weird thing “
And I’m sure he took a glace at us.
He seems like a Japanese actor “ Etsushi Toyokawa “.
I showed a local person it and the person taught me the fish’s name.
It was seerfish.
I often see a pack of cut seerfish at grocery stores. But I never imagined seerfish looked so.
I wouldn’t eat a piece of that snob seerfish anymore, maybe.

Our third day in Saipan


On our third day in Saipan it was nice out since in the morning.
We were able to go to Managaha island inexpensive since Sanji talked to me and told me
his company's tour.
We borrowed a beach matt and a cooler box and we had some canned beers, plastic bottled
Japanese teas, canned mango juices that Sanji gave us in the cooler box.
The inside of it was cold because of ice cubes.
We road the boat and a chubby man steered it to the island.
This chubby man looked like my husband's best friend. So I felt like being with this friend.
If I have a chance, I wanna enjoy talking with somebody in English.
So I enjoyed talking with the chubby man in English on the boat.
The chubby man asked me and said " Is this camera OK without a cover? " to me.
I said " It's a water resistance camera. So it's fine to use it without a cover." to him.
He said " No way! " to me.
It took only five minutes to the island.
There were a lot of people there and most of them were Asian people.
We saved the place under palm trees and went to snorkel right away.
In the afternoon it’s on the ebb. But in the morning it isn’t yet. So we were able to
enjoy snorkeling.
We had plans to take part in snorkeling offshore.
There were much more fish than around the island and there was other fish also big fish.
We wanted to snorkeling there much more. But it was too bad to have to finish it only
after 20 minutes.
But you can snorkel around the island.
I recommend you the beach where life savers aren’t on not the beach where there are life savers
on. We had some bread to feed fish. So we grabbed them and gave a piece of bread to fish.
Fish gathered around us and we enjoyed feeding it but fish wanted to eat much more bread.
So they try to bite the bread in our hand. It hurt and we said “ Gah!! “ since we were surprised.
An hour flied when we snorkeled.
I often checked the watch and took some break once an hour and put sunscreen on the legs
and the face. We did it over and over.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

about last weekend


On the second day of three-day-holiday a summer festival was held near my parents’ house.
Last year we had a ball. We hadn’t imagined a person joined our family.
On the day my father-in-law sent us much vegetables, deepcooked fish or something,
and body soaps
I cooked various dishes sweating in the room not turning the air conditioning since in the
afternoon. I removed the strings of many common beans, boiled them and dressed them with
sesami. Then I made a cut in cucumbers and soaked them in the sauce.
In addition I made a cut in Nasu that is like egg plant, fried them and deepcooked them.
And I boiled a corn and my husband fried Chinese noodles with much vegetable.
It’s fun to cook for my family in the afternoon during holidays.
And then I put them in the Japanese lacquer ware that my grandmother gave me
and wrapped a cloth.
We gathered at parents’ house at 5 earlier than Japan.
My nephew called “ U-chan “ looked comfortable and smiled after taking a bath and pooping.
I shouldn’t say it about my family but he looks very cute.
His face is very cute also he smells very gooood!
Everytime I see him, I sniff him putting my face on his body.
My sister said “ You can sniff the smell only for a short time. So it would be valuable, right? “
Probably his smell will change after eating something.
On the day we ate and drunk from 5 to 9 at noon. It was a wonderful weekend and
spent fabulous time with my family.
Gathering at parents’ house with family is the best time for me. I found out it again.
I can see my nephew on weekends but when I said good bye to him, I was gonna miss him.
On this weekday I’m working while looking forward to seeing him on the weekend.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our second day in Saipan


You can see the blue water in the Grotto after getting down the steep stairs.
You have to jump from the rock to get into the blue water.
You have to keep being in the middle of the Grotto since the current is strong.
Sometimes people hurt or lose their lives when they crush to the rocks.
When you stand on the rock, the guide count to three.
You have to jump into the water when the guide says “ three “
You sink once. Then you float right away because you wear a life jacket.
Water came into my nostrils and I was coughing a little bit.
I thought I sank deeply but I hardly sank. I found out it and I watched that I was scared to jump when I watched the video.
Only for 40 minutes we were able to swim there.
I felt like floating in the Grotta Azzurra in Italy.
It’s so beautiful!
Divers were swimming under us.
We looked at a plenty of bigger fish that I usually see when I snorkel.
Sometimes turtles come there.
Sometimes big waves came into the grotto and I was scared to crush to the ceiling of rocks.
Time fried really quickly.
When you get up on the rocks, the local guide pick you up when the wave comes into the grotto.
He speaks 5 languages.
The job of the tour guide is the job that you can see many people in the various countries and it’s much more fun than my job.
“ I’m jealous of the tour guides” is one of my thinking when I go traveling somewhere.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sky Watch Friday ***our first day in Saipan


Saipan is a country where is near Japan but I got to the hotel in Saipan around at 3 in the afternoon even thought I left home at 6 in the morning.
It’s near Japan but the first day of it was over before we hadn’t done special things.
After being relaxed at the lobby while drinking coffee I called my mother by my husband’s cell phone.
My sister picked up the phone. So I said “ I left my passport at home. So I’m still in Narita.”
to her. She thought about it for a moment and said “ You lied! “
You might not believe so, I had did it a couple years ago.
About 5 years ago I brought my old passport to the airport and I couldn't get on the plane when I went to Canada to study English for a short time.
It's funny now but on the day I got disappointed very much.
Going back to the saipan story, my husband took some break at the room and I went to the beach to take a picture.
When I took a walk on the beach, a local man talked to me.
He said " Hello! When did you come to Saipan? What are you doing tomorrow? Why don't you go to Managaha island?"
I thought I hadn't believed him at first.
His name is Sangi and he works at a tour company in Saipan called sea horse.
He told me he took me to Managaha island for 15 dollars.
In addition he served some drink and let me borrow the beach mat also the cooler box.
He told me I could pay for it the day after tomorrow. So I decided to go there.
I got back to the room once and I waked my husband up and went to the beach again.
The sky turned red bit by bit. We were there for 15 minutes and left there and went shopping. when we turned around after few minutes, the sky perfectly red.
We didn’t see it coming and ran to the beach again.
I’ve never seen such a fabulous sunset! It was unbelievably beautiful. So I couldn’t say only “ unbelievable! “.
We stayed there for four nights but we couldn’t see such a beautiful sunset after the day.
We were gonna eat out but we didn’t have enough sleep.
So we wanted to sleep more than eating out. So we ate instant noodle at the room and went to bed earlier than usual.
Our first day in Saipan was over.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm home from a south island


I spent time like a early summer vacation in a south island.
Our company gave me 100 thousand yen for a bonus of a continuous service.
But I couldn’t be allowed to go traveling only for 5 days.
So I went to an island near Japan.
Tonight I was home after 9 at night and did laundry twice.
And now I’m going to bed for working tomorrow.
Night night!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

weekend that I had been looking for *


Last Friday I thought that it was finally Friday.
Last week I had been extremely busy with my job.
But I didn't feel that time fried.
I can't see my sister's baby on weekends. So I counted days till the weekend.
I can't remember when was the last time I felt that.
It's the same feeling as the feeling when I looked forward to seeing a man whom I had crush on. I love my nephew more than we imagined.
So my sister and her husband are more than willing.
Thanks to our baby to give us much happiness.
In the afternoon on Saturday I baked royal milktea-chiffon cake after cleaning my house.
I went to my parents’ house with turned the cake up-side down in a doggie bag.
I got there around before 4. My mother went jogging to the side of river and my sister was nodding off.
Her baby slept well but my sister allowed me to wake him up. So I took up him in my arms right away.
I talked to him and said “ I’ve been wanting to see you. “ to him. Then my sister said“ Talkative aunt got here!” to him.
When I held him, I didn’t wanna got him back on the bed.
Probably he was thinking aya is annoying. When I held him strongly, he closed his eyes since he fell asleep or pretended to sleep.
We were sizzling beef and much vegetable on the cast-iron hot plate.
My mother served us. So we ate them one after another.
When we ate them, we glanced at the baby. He slept relaxed.
After dinner I took up him in my arms again. Then he looked around and sometimes gave something a look.
Babies can see something that grown up men can’t see.
It’s my grandfather who came to meet his grandchild from the heaven or fairy?!
After a while he was looking for his feed probably he got hungry.
He is about 2 weeks old. So he had grown up only for a week.
He hadn’t grasped my clothes but he grasped it last week.
His face changed a lot and looked like he got used to be here much more and he enjoyed his life.
If I missed it, I couldn’t see it when he’s a baby. So I don’t wanna miss it.
So everytime I couldn’t seem to go home.
Last Saturday night it smelled like milk of the baby even when I got to the station.