Tuesday, May 31, 2011

going over being at work


Last Thursday it was the last day before my maternity leave.
Going to work after about two weeks it was a hassle actually.
I was a little bit anxious to keep standing on the train with my bump much bigger than before.
After getting pregnant I left home before 7 in the morning everyday.
8 months flied and I can’t believe I’m becoming mother after a month.
When I had a morning sickness it was hard to go to work.
When you get pregnant, you get sleepy. So I got sleepy strongly often and I got home around at 8 and I was asleep before my head hit the pillow around at 9.
And I didn’t vomit but I felt sick always. Especially when I was so hungry, it was getting worse.
So I brought a bite size of apples in a tapper wear to work.
You know you call it morning sickness but I felt sick after work worse than in the morning.
So it was hard time to got on the train after work.
I hadn’t had a big bump. Even I put a key holder of expecting mothers on my bag, I hardly took a seat also most people didn’t give me their seat.
When I got to the grocery store near my house, I sometimes wanted to sit on the floor because of feeling sick terribly.
In January I was 3 months pregnant. And I was thinking I was gonna feel sick until my baby coming out. But the morning sickness was gone without knowing in the middle of February.
My task at work was not decreasing. Instead, I was getting busy much more than before.
It was hard to work after getting pregnant. So I was glad when I started to take paid holidays two weeks ago.
And I was really happy and I enjoyed spending time after becoming a full time wife.
Because my house kept clean and I was able to do various things that I couldn’t do it after working.
So I had been thinking I couldn’t go ba ck to work anymore.
But going to work after a while, I was gonna miss being at work and it was not bad to keep working, I thought.
Every single day I have to go to work even if I’m not in the mood to go to work and sometimes
I have difficult tasks. In addition I have to study and I’m under the pressure because my boss wants me to do high level tasks more than when I was 20.
But it’s worth to do them.
You have to communicate with people who you don’t like at work. If you’re a full time house wife, you don’t need to do though.
But that’s why you can meet various attractive people and you can become friends with them because you work at the company.
You get money because you work hard. Getting paid is not easy.
But it’s worth to do it.
I go back to work after the maternity leave. So I don’t have to forget it.
And I wanna enjoy spending time as a fulltime house wife.
By the way I took this picture in Toyama last year.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Salad* of onion, Mizuna and Tomato


My father-in-law sent us various vegetables that he grows at his garden.
He lives in the south of Japan. It means he lives in the safe area.
Recently I haven’t eaten spinach. This time he sent us them and other good vegetables.
So I was able to eat much good salad after a long time!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

these happy days


my maternity leave started.
Yesterday it was my second day being a full time housewife that is addictive.
I wake my husband up, made dinner and had it together.
Then I saw my husband out and I was relaxed while watching TV.
And then I took food on the trays in the fridge and washed the trays.
I wanna clean each place in my house in turns everyday.
I’ve wanted to do that!
Small things make me joyful and happy.
And yesterday I went to see the doctor to check my baby.
I was worried because my baby was in breech position but my baby turned around in this
two weeks and he is head down now.
I’m relieved. My baby is a very good boy. Thanks to my baby!
Many people say “ You must be looking forward to seeing your baby. Your baby is almost
coming out. “ to me. But I’m gonna missing being pregnant more than looking forward to
seeing my baby.
Probably these 8 months was the happiest time in my life.
Pregnancy is much more wonderful experience than I imagined and I didn’t feel maternity blue.
I watch news about young couples kill or abuse their babies on TV many times.
Why I was able to feel that is that I’m not in my twenties and that’s why I was able to feel that
and have space in my mind. I thought of that when my friend called me last night.
Each person has the best timing. My best timing is now probably.
The storks with batons that left from me are almost to my best friends.
I wanna say “The storks are working on it. So why don’t you keep at it. “ to them.
By the way this picture is a picture that my husband took in Toyama.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a wonderful trip


The establishment where we stayed this time was a little bit expensive.
At the entrance much stuff waited for us, and they bowed all together.
This establishment was large and courtyard was beautiful.
We were able to stay at two big joinable rooms.
My nephew called U-chan was more than delighted to crawl in the large Japanese styled room more than usual.
My husband got used to take care of our nephew.
So he lifted up him when he moved to the dangerous place and he took him to various places to lift him up.
There was each small garden at the each small open air bath room.
We chose cypress bath and I soaked in it with my mother, sister and nephew.
My nephew called U-chan watched my big bump. So I said “ A boy like your brother is here. “
to him. Then he looked like understanding it and pointed himself and my sister’s stomach.
Probably he wanted to say “ I was here. “ to me.
I can’t soak in the bathtub for a long time. So I finished taking a bath soon.
At the end of the brilliant sunny day we had dinner at our room.
I wanted to drink after taking a bath but I made do with jasmine tea.
In addition I wanted to eat a ice cream but I didn’t eat it.
Evev so it was really wonderful time because I didn’t need care what to eat and I was able to enjoy going traveling with my family.
I don’t drink much tap water like I used to. So my water intake is decreasing more than before.
This time I left Tokyo and I drank water more than usual without knowing. So I waked up to go to the bathroom much more in the middle of the night.
It hasn’t been happening like that.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

the first happy mother’s day*


Today it's mother's day.
I do something for my mother-in-law for mother’s day but I don’t do something special
for my mother.
Mother-in-law seemed to be pleased to get orchid from my husband.
So she called his cell phone few hours ago.
My husband got a rose on the way home from the hair salon in the evening.
He handed it to me while saying “ You’re almost a mom.”
And he picked up Goya (bitter gourd) from the plastic bag and stir- fried it with some meat
and egg after checking a recipe on the net.
It was the best dish I had been eating. So I ate it while saying “ It’s very good. Very good! “.
He looked like he was happy also.
Today was the first happy mother’s day for me.