Tuesday, April 26, 2011

an attractive friend *


I have an attractive friend at work.
It was lucky to meet him.
We met each other last August.
We enjoy talking about various things
Our characters are totally different from each other.
So there was a situation when I couldn't understand him and felt uncomfortable few times.
But basically the difference is interesting.
He likes reading books,too.
I think people who like reading books write beautiful sentence and they have various ways they describe about various things.
That's why when they text to me, I can enjoy reading it.
I like people who can describe various scenery and food beautifully and dramatically as I can imagine them even if I don't see them.
Also I want people to enjoy reading my sentences about scenery, food and such.
It's fun to text to each other with such people.
I wanna enjoy communicating with him anyway.
He is one of my valuable friends also not kind of like family.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

One happy cherry blossoms-night


I went to see cherry blossoms with an attractive person to Chidorigafuchi.
We enjoyed seeing them while eating a sandwich and some bread.
We shot the breeze and talking about something while taking a walk about for two hours.
I totally forgot the worry of radioactive materials.
It was one of happy night during the crisis.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cherry blossoms, Japan, Hope*


Cherry blossoms are more beautiful when you see them at night.
It looks like a sexy mysterious woman.
In Japan we say there is a female body under the cherry blossoms and that’s why they look
mysteriously beautiful.
Springs come, I think “ Is Japan attractive, or what? “
Coz when cherry blossoms bloom is the hottest news in springs.
Anyone know such a country around the world there is?
But this spring I hardly heard such news.
Every news program announces news about Fukushima nuclear plants.
That's too bad.
I hope things are getting well and such a terrible crisis doesn’t happen again.

Now a little bit strong earthquake is hitting here!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cherry blossoms*


Few days ago I watched a news that big earthquakes happen again in a short time.
We have to be careful.
There are a lot of worries still now.
But cherry blossoms are blooming.
And it makes us happy and we can forget all worries when we see them.
I took this picture at Suitengu shrine.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The nuclear accident level raised to maximum

This picture is a scenery in Fukushima. I took this picture when I went traveling there about two years ago.
Japan's nuclear safety agency has raised the crisis level of the Fukushima nuclear plant to 7 from the current 5.
Why does this have to happen to us?......

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

clean green vegetables after a while


Tonight I ate a lot of green vegetable for dinner after a week or more.
My-father-in law sent me many vegetables that he grew at the garden.
I cut the all leaves of Daikon and fried them in the pan.
I bit some thick stems of it while frying them.
I fried all of them and put most of them in freezer. And I fried a few rice with some of them
and soy sauce.
I cut some radish on the cutting board while cooking and bit them.
Adding a drop of mineral water and broccoli in the pan and I put the cover on it.
I steamed it not boil it.
Vegetables that my father-in-law sent me are not contained radioactive materials.
So it would be waste to boil them with lightly polluted tap water.
These days I try to cook without tap water.
For instance when I make croquettes., I didn’t boil potato and steamed it in the
microwave. Plus when I cook pumpkin, I put some mineral water and pumpkin in the pan and
put the head on it. I hardly use water to cook various food.
I make some efforts to cook with only a small amount of mineral water not to be stressed out.
I kind of gave up getting used to drinking tap water contained radioactive material.

Friday, April 01, 2011

worried about radioactive materila but I wanna value precious time to be pregnant


Time flies and the stork arrives in 3 months.
My bump became big and I became anemic and I managed to stand there with an umbrella.
Then I fainted suddenly without knowing.
I can run full marathon and I have confidence about stamina.
Even I faint suddenly during pregnancy, I found out having a baby in the womb is really tough for the mother again.
The trains don’t run as usual because of saving on electricity. That’s why it’s really packed in the train-cars even when I get on them between 6 o’clock to 7 o’clock.
I’m scared if my bump is pressed there.
So I save some space for my bump with my arms and protect it.
Getting to the stations, most escalators don’t work for saving on electricity and you have to go up the stairs many times.
Every time when I go up the stair, I have to stop walking not to become anemic.
Even I b I’m become anemic, I’m gonna miss being pregnant.
I’ve been thinking I gotta value this special fabulous time.
These days are different from before in Tokyo.
Most lights are off on the signs and billboards and one streetlight out of two streetlights is off.
It’s dark in the street more than before.
But I’m getting used to it and on the other hand I think it was too much bright before.
Everyday I see the notice that says “ one per person “ at the grocery store after work.
But yogurt and other various food is gone already because people got them by night.
So I can’t seem to get food that I want.
But I make some efforts to get a lot of nutrition as possible as I can.
I do it for my baby not for me.
But it means, you can say my baby protects my body.
Thinking of it, I can't stop loving my baby.
Now the amount of radioactive material is 5.63 Bq/kg in the tap water.
It's less than the moment when it was raining.
But it's more than the amount of it when a week passed after this earthquake.
The amount of it was 1.47 Bq/kg.
If it was 300 Bq/kg, you can't drink tap water.
So I think it's OK to drink it but I'm worried about it because babies are tiny.
asking mothers who have kids about it, they don't give their kids tap water.
Reading the information of Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, it says “At the current moment when pregnant and breast-feeding women drink lightly polluted tap water everyday,
it’s not health damage for mother and baby. But fetus and infant could be susceptible to
radioactive material and the less they’re damaged by it, the better it is for them.
So if you could get drink instead of tap water, you should better drink it. “
I’ve been thinking I gotta get used to drinking tap water contained radioactive material.
But I can’t seem to drink it. It takes more time to enjoy drinking hot miso soup made from tap water.