Friday, June 24, 2011

labor pain??? no way!


Today I was gonna try to walk. The frozen drink was ready and anytime I was able to go.
But I was feeling different from usual days.
I was feeling like something that I had ever experienced.
The baby was going down and my tummy stretched too much.
And everytime I stepped, the baby went down something like that.
My tummy hurt a little.
I was just guessing was it labor pain?
No way!
Today the temperature reached 39 degrees in Kumagaya where is near Tokyo.
I left home and went to the park around at 3:30 with 3 rice balls and a frozen plastic bottled
tea and a not frozen plastic bottled tea.
But my tummy sometimes hurt. So I came back and went to the park near my house.
Because it takes an hour to go to the park where I went yesterday.
I got to the park but my tummy still hurt once a while. So I got home.
Tiding up the rooms a little bit, doing laundry and I prepared for going to the hospital.
They say “Forewarned is forearmed.”.
Yesterday I said “ I’m working for delivering you. So why don’t we work for it together!” to
my baby.. So he might start to come out.
What a good boy!
Anyway my time of pregnancy is almost over.
Thanks to everyone. It was fabulous time that I had never experienced.
Now I just ate two macarons that my colleagues got to me and kept in the fridge.
Because if I was in the hospital, I couldn’t eat them for a while.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

taking a walk at the park in the next town


I got a check up for the baby yesterday. The doctor who was strict was his first time to exam me and I was warned various things.
He might tell it up to me. But his words made me scary.
My baby is coming out soon. So I decided to walk for 3 hours a day.
The first day, today, I decided to go to the park in the next town.
I walked from my house there for an hour, walked in the park for an hour and walked to my house for an hour.
I left home before 11 in the morning. So I got hungry when I got to the park.
I brought three rice balls that we call “ Onigiri “.
I cooked rice with the pressure cooker in the morning and put sea weeds called Kombu that was simmered in soy sauce in the rice and wrapped it with sea weed called Nori.
The rice balls were really delish.
I sweated a lot. That’s why the salt of the sea weed was definitely the thing that I wanted.
Many people got sunpoisoning already.
So I walked in the jogging road while drinking enough water and was careful not to be too much hot.
The sound of birds singing and of leaves swinging felt so comfortable. So I didn’t need to listen to the music.
Sometimes I rubbed my tummy and said “ Mom is working for delivering you. So you try to work for it. “ to my baby.
Anyway it was too much hot in the park around at noon. I felt my temperature going up.
So I took some break while reading a book at the lobby in the public hall where I found by coincidence. And then I got home.
I left home before 11 in the morning and go home over at 4 in the afternoon.
I was tired but it felt very good. I was able to finish today comfortable.
So I’ll go to the park tomorrow again!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Super Cool Biz


My husband’s company started to do “ Super Cool Biz “.
It means co-workers can work wearing an aloha shirt and chino pants not a business suit.
But nobody hasn’t done that yet.
Because they can’t visit their customers wearing that.
We have to save the electricity this summer. It’s our first priority!
So why don’t all companies start to do “ Super Cool Biz “!
I changed the tablecloth on the table for summer.
I got this cloth in New Caledonia.
I enjoy feeling like summer before summer!

Monday, June 06, 2011

world heritage, Shirakawago


I went to Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa and stayed in Toyama thing in the last half of the holiday in May.
By coincidence I went to Toyama in the same holiday last year.
My husband told me that he wanted to go to eat fresh fish that took from near the fishing port called Himi.
I was satisfied to eat fresh fish when I went traveling with my family in the beginning of the holiday. So it was not that I wanted to eat it but we ended up going to the restaurant to be able to eat it.
There were men who were in the same generation as us and enjoyed drinking around there.
I guess they went to the same school.
I was surprised when I heard their conversations.
Because one of them talked about the same area as I live.
I found out he lives there and he got back there because of the holiday.
In the following day we left for Shirakawago where I really wanted to go.
Taking a walk around the town, and we got on the train.
It was crowded because of the holiday and I saw few foreigners.
We took the bus after the train for few hours. And then finally we got there.
The scenery from the high hill looked like a diorama.
Shiwakawago was a very small town more than I imagined.
There were people who live there. It means the town was not the town for the tourists.
But it was organized for the tourist.
Clean much water was running in the canal and it was like time passed slowly there.
Local children played in the unwatered rice fields.
It was looked like the scenery of 30 years ago.
There were few accommodations there but we couldn’t book there.
So we took the bus for a half hour and got to a B&B where we were able to soak in the hot spring.
There were small bathtubs like for family use and the rooms where you can hear the voice from next rooms.
The B&B was very small and meals that were served there were very simple.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

one of Japan's three most beautiful gardens called Kenrokuen


I wanna talk about the thing in the last half of the holiday in May.
We, Japanese, have a week holiday on the beginning of May. It would be boring if you stayed home all days.
I was 8 months pregnant. So I couldn't get on the plane and I’m a short on physical strength.
That's why I couldn't go traveling far away.
We go traveling to the north of Japan often. But that’s too bad I should avoid going there.
And I came up with going to the middle of Japan. It’s Hokuriku and Shirakawago in Gifu.
I had been thinking I wanna go there when I saw pictures that Kay took there.
But it was hard to book accommodations and trains on the day before our date of departure.
Every accommodation was fully booked. And then my husband found them for a half day.
We took high-class seats of two trains. So it was very comfortable and we were able to sleep
there. We didn’t have any plans. So we decided to go to a famous beautiful Japanese garden called Kenrokuen.
It was already over when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. But it looked very shinning in the garden in the season when the fresh greens come out.
The season when the leaves turn red or yellow is good but in the spring when various lives come out I feel like getting energies from them.
My SONY camera that my husband got for my birthday is small as a digital single-lens reflex camera. But it’s very good. So when we go to the beautiful places, my husband and I compete to take good pictures by it.
The garden was larger than I imagined and I got tired easily because my bump became bigger every single day. So I walked while being out of breath and rubbing my bump.
I heard snow covered the garden is much more beautiful but it looked very beautiful.