Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How much longer?


I cleaned my house well last Sunday.
I cleaned side the house also scrubbed tiles of the balcony and the entrance and poured water
in the sash and scrubbed it.
When I finished cleaning my husband left home and went traveling on business.
I went out with him and went for jogging to the park.
Actually I wasn’t in the mood to jog.
So I decided to go to the large public bathroom.
It was really hard to jog after a long time.
My heart hurt. But bit by bit I got used to jogging and time passed without knowing.
There is my favorite course even in the park and I kept my feet moving in the course.
I wasn’t mood to jog but when about 50 minutes passed, it felt good and I was able to
jog rhythmically.
It might take time to get used to doing something for me.
Running is easy.
The only thing I have to do is just moving my feet and the more you make efforts,
the faster you can run.
You don’t need go along with somebody and you don’t need to have patience.
They say marathon is like life but if marathon was the same as life, how easy it’d be.
How much longer do I have to run to live easier?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sky Watch Friday ** I got a message


I got it.
Hang in there.
Just keep it up and never give up*

Happy sky watch Friday

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

time I think of when I feel happy is .....


I baked rolled cake for a younger colleague who took maternity leave.
She emailed me three times on the following day also two days later.
She said “ Is it persistant? This rolled cake is really good. My husband said the same thing. “
When somebody compliments, I feel happy.
It’s different time when people feel happy.
The best time I think of when I feel happy is having lovely time with my family,
meeting good music, finding out an old associate who is uneasy at work crackling on the phone,
hearing the uneasy old associate saying “ Girl in Tokyo is on the phone.” to another associate,
being able to make my dishes and sweets incredibly,
Stepping into the airport of the country after landing when I go abroad.
It’s no end when I pick up something when I fee happy.
By the way this picture is the rainbow-colored sky that I saw at Tennozu-airu in Tokyo.
My camera couldn’t take the beautiful picture of the sky. It was the rainbow-colored sky
not the rainbow.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The things that make me feel intrigued


The things that make me feel intrigued are
listening to and singing songs of a movie " Mamma Mia ",
imagining that my sister acts in a scene of Mamma Mia and sings a song on the beach,
seeing a scrapbooked notebook of pleasant words from friends,
saying funny jokes that I come up with in my mind.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

my favorite smell*


The smell of my favorite perfume,
trees at the park after raining that it smells when I jog,
fresh trees in spring when I feel that all lives bloom,
coffee that a master makes at a cozy coffee shop,
tea that friends make when I go over to their houses,
wrapping papers that I used to getting something for Christmas from Santa Claus,
frying fish from someone's house that it smells when I go for a jog to the park,
the smell of cherry blossoms, lavenders that my father-in-law sends,
the sunshine from the mattresses that we call Futon that is dried when it's sunny,
dishes that my mother whips up from something in fridge when I go to her house all of sudden.
By the way this picture is a shinning bug that I saw when I went to Kinugawa.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My favorite sound


The sound of doing dishes, beating eggs to make scrambled egg, cutting leaks
to make miso-soup for breakfast, pouring water to glasses, making coffee with
siphon coffee maker,
putting ice in the glass, stirring water and ice with straw,
swinging leaves by soft winds,voices and sounds by a baseball team in junior
high at a far ground during a summer vacation, the sound of small fireworks
that I feel the end of summer, heels that thin ankles wear,
footsteps that my darling comes home and unlocked the entrance door.
( Is it cheesy? Of course it' s joking!)

Saturday, September 05, 2009



I often hum during working.
It’s not that I hum when I have fun.
I often hum because I’m busy and I don’t have space in mind or people at the same division get angry and I don’t wanna care it.
Humming makes me delightful and I can treat people well after humming.
I can communicate with people delightfully because my mind turns delightful after humming.
And then people around me turn delightful.
I’m not sure people around me hear my hum. I think people hardly hear my hum.
I hum various songs.
I sing western music that I listen to in the morning.
In this morning I hummed a Japanese pop song in the program without knowing when
I watched TV last night.
In addition I hummed a Japanese old dance music that I heard in the summer festival last weekend.
When I hum, I don’t think anything. The point is one of good things about hum.
There is a love song called “ Mystery train “ sung by BON JOVI.
This is one phrase of this song.
She cries because she's happy
She sings songs when she's mad
I like the woman like her!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

the last summer festival


Last Saturday there was the last summer festival and fire works exhibition this year.
I didn't look forward to going to the event and I looked forward to drinking while seeing fire works.
On the previous day my husband came home around at eleven at night.
Eating out together and I said " Let's go and get some alcohol for tomorrow. " to him.
He said " I don't go there tomorrow because I'm exhausted. " to me.
And then his phone rang and my sister's husband called him.
My husband said " Yeah, we were just about to go and get alcohol, too! "
I laughed and said “ You said the other thing now! “ to him.
So, on the day of the summer festival when I got there, there were lots of people at school already.
There was an annual event at the exhibition. It’s old Japanese dance by junior high school students. I look forward to seeing it every years. But this year they didn’t dance hard.
It was too bad. They might be too young to understand that it’s cool to do everything hard even if they don’t want to do it.
The summer exhibition is a small festival for people at the town and it looks like old Japanese festival.
The fire works aren't shot like the big fire works exhibition.
So it finishes soon. But it's wonderful to see them that bloom on the right above.
There was only one bad thing that I got drunk soon since I drank while seeing fireworks right above.
When I stood up after a while, I got a head rush.
Even if the fire works exhibition is over, summer festival was not over.
When the famous Tokyo-dance played, we called out and enjoyed dancing with others.
My family can enjoy doing anything.
The event was over and when we went to the entrance of the school, a person who has a problem of eyes walked alone.
I talked to him because my mother worried him.
We ended up walking to his house together.
This summer we enjoyed spending time at various places.
Small beer garden in the town, fire works exhibition, rented bungalow and the summer Festival.
This summer was short but it was a really wonderful summer.
Only one thing that I wanna in this summer is snorkeling.