Thursday, August 04, 2011

tears running....


On the seventeenth day of my baby’s birth I couldn’t stop my tear running because of losing hormone balance after giving a birth.
My baby started to cry terribly from in the middle of the night more than he cried.
He cried strongly in the middle of the night. So I couldn’t sleep well and my mother worried us and got up many times.
He cried terribly in the afternoon also in the evening.
I didn’t know what should I do and I tore many times because I was worried if he became sick. My mother said “ Every mother cry with their babies. Everybody becomes mother doing
that. “ to me.
When my mother went shopping for dinner, I took a nap with my son. Then I waked up and looked for my sister and her son. I thought they were going shopping with mother automatically. And then I realized they got home and I missed them and cried.
I called my sister. Then I cried again.
When my mother came home, she realized and said “ Were you crying? “ to me.
And she said “ you’re lucky your sister got back when you had a baby! And you might not have a chance to spend such a long time together, right? “to me smiling.
By the way this picture is my son being bottlefed from my mother.


Kay said...

Oh Aya... I'm so sorry. I've heard of new mothers having postpartum depression. It's real and it's your hormones acting up. I'm so glad you have the support of your mother and sister. I hope your husband is also supportive. That's very important. I remember having strong emotions when my children were born. You feel such strong emotions for your child and you're coping with the responsibility of caring for this beautiful new person who is depending on you. It's a lot to organize within yourself.

However, you can do it, Aya. You're a wonderful mother and doing a terrific job. Just make sure to grab as much sleep as you can when your mother or sister can babysit. That is very important. You need your rest to cope with all the changes. Ganbatte kudasai.

Pietro said...

Surely, Ayamlin, it's very important you have the support of your mother and your sister. I hope you feel better now. Your baby is so sweet and pretty!
Have a good weekend

Anette said...

It is a emotional time of your life, don't worry even if you feel down some times. It is very normal to get overwhelmed every now and then!
I bet your son is growing from day to day! It's exciting to see infants personality opening like a blossom, and getting to know them! They have their own little personality, waiting to shine!

Emille said...

The first months it's really adjusting to being a mother - it's okay to cry- really! Especially with our first one mothers are worried often and very tired, but before you know it, you will be used to it.
It helps to other moms -hope you'll find a friend -take care Aya!