Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Having gotten a knack for breastfeeding, my baby drank breast milk well on the fifth day of his birth.
My breast didn’t’ hurt even though I didn’t use the breast pump.
Then, I was gonna give my baby a bath for the first time.
I learned how to do it at the hospital but I couldn’t understand it well.
But I was OK. Because my sister came to my mother’s house after me having a baby and she was able to teach me the way she does it.
I was able to do it while learning how to do it from my sister.
After taking a bath I bottlefed him. He fell asleep comfortably.
At the night I didn’t realize when he started to cry at 11:30 at night for a while.
I didn’t feel tiredness but I was tired. I thought I would take a nap tomorrow.
And I put my baby on the side of me on the Futon bed.
By the way this picture is my baby and nephew.
My nephew knows baby is weak and has to take care of him by instinct.
He looked like he wanted to touch the baby but he didn’t know the way he treats it.
After few days he tried to touch the baby bit by bit.
He’s gonna become a brother for my baby.


Jean said...

Isn't that an adorable photo of the two little cousins, one so much tinier than the other. I'm sure you gave your son a wonderful, comforting first bath. It's great that your sister could be there to offer advice.

Kay said...

Oh so sweet Aya! I didn't know how to take care of babies with my first one. We did a lot of reading and had to learn some things at the hospital too because Tiffany was born two weeks early and the course I was taking didn't cover how to care for the baby yet. My mother was also in Hawaii so she couldn't help me.

My daughter knew so much more than I did when her baby was born because she researches everything on the computer. It still amazes me.

You are such a wonderful mother, Aya!!! You're lucky to have your sister and mom close by.

Marina said...

Your nephew has grown up so fast!!! That will happen with your baby too!!! It's a tired "job" to be a mom but it's also the sweetest feeling of the world, don't you think???