Friday, July 22, 2011

he always looks cool and calm. that's funny!


On the third day after having my baby I used the breast pump because a midwife told me to
use it. And I got much milk more than I imagined.
I heard it already but the milk looked pale milky yellow.
I made powdered milk also and he couldn’t wait for the milk and cried strongly four times
for the first time.
The loud cry came as a surprise to me!
I thought he got angry with it and it rushed me.
He looks calm and cool.
When he even poops, he keeps cool and calm like nothing happened.
It’s very funny and I like that!


Kay said...

Isn't it such an amazing feeling to get to know your little one day by day. I remember this overwhelming feeling of loving this little person and thinking I would do anything for them. You are being such a wonderful mother, Aya.

Maria said...

Oh Aya, your baby is so tiny and sweet! It makes me smile to see your picture! I send you all my best wishes! And I hope that you also have some time to sleep and relax!

Anette said...

How sweet and lovely he is! Congratulations again!

Jean said...

He is one sweet, adorable little boy, that's for sure. Hope all is going well for you, Ayamlin, as you adjust to being a brand new mom! Thinking of you.


Pietro said...

Ayamlin, what a nice picture, your baby is really lovely!