Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm scared much cesium falling down but also I spent happy time.


Last Wednesday I took part in a playgroup for a caregiver and children in English that
Canadian friend called Amy asked me before.
We meet once a week and play and sing with children.
We use English only. But there is no English teacher. So it’s different from learning English
at school.
But it’s good not to forget English phrase. And also it was lucky to join there because
I made friends with mothers.
By the way these days I hadn’t been caring radio active materials in the air.
Last Wendesday one of mothers said “ Takeda-prof said “Much cesium is falling now. “ “
to me.
I tottally didn’t know that! And I found out much cesium has fallen since the new year.
I started to be scared since I found out it.
So I put a mask for kids on my babyson that it might not work and I wear a mask.
Then we went shopping to the grocery store.
I hung dry my laundry in.
Today I thought I didn’t need to go out and we were at home all day.
I lied on my stomach with my baby son and handed up like a plane together.
When our eyes met, he moved his face to me and pressed his forefead to me.
Way too cute!!!
I’m head over heels for him already!
Then we took a bath around at 6 and.he fell asleep after breastfeeding.
Falling asleep after taking a bath is nice, you know.
He waked up in 30 minutes and ate baby food. Then we lied on the floor.
I put a picture book at my babyson’s side and I was writing a diary about him.
The he rolled over and turned a page himself.
I know it but he really liks picture books.
I like reading books. So I’m more than willing he likes picture books!
I spent happy time today as ever.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

everyday I can laugh at something!


When you raise your baby, you can discover new things and you’re impressed every day.
For instance when I spoonfed my baby son the day before yesterday, I heard the ticking
of something from his mouth.
So I put my finger in his mouth, I found some teeth there!
I was impressed! And I found out why he crys a lot in the middle of the night!
And yesterday he suddenly started to make the sound “Bryu ryuryuu”.
And then he started to put the baby food out with the sound today.
I laughed automatically!
He removes his socks right away. But also he removed the leg-warmers when I realized!
When he pooped, I wiped his bottom and went to wash my hands to the bathroom.
Getting back there, he rolled over twice and put my camera in his mouth!
There are a lot of funny things every day!
It’s fun to think of it and I’m looking forward to seeing him and laughing tomorrow again.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Happy time has started*


Time flied and the new-year-holiday was over.
But you know what, I’m a full-time-house wife now. So it doesn’t matter it’s a holiday or not.
But I’m kind of excited when the holiday comes.
Next year I’m gonna come back to work. So this holiday was the last new-year-holiday
that I’m not anxious when the holiday is almost over.
By the way I’ve been wondering it’s the best choice to come back to work or not.
But everytime I think it’s the best choice from some reasons.
I can be a full time house wife anytime.
If I thought I couldn’t do it or got exhausted, I could quit my job.
After coming back to work I don’t wanna push myself and I wanna take it easy.
Working is not suger coated.
I have to find the problems and go the change the way people work.
I might say it’s tough about it next year.
But I don’t have to think something next year now.
I made 4 Japanese special dishes called Osechi for the new year.
I cut corners and I didn’t make one dish even thought I made it last year.
I enjoyed playing our annual card games with my family.
And it was wonderful time to spend time with my nephew and my baby son in the new year.
Happy time has started!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

there were many happy things in 2011.


I was busy at the end of the year also in the new year.
Everyday time flies when I spend time with my baby son.
But of course I spend happy time every day.
Last year there was the most important thing in life.
Of course it means my babyson was born last year.
Becoming mom, I was able to experience various things and every experience was a very happy experience.
Looking back, there was no bad thing and I never felt down even once.
Happy things happened one after another.
In the hospital where my baby son was born I met an Indian friend called Remya also some mothers.
In addition I saw some friends after a few year.
Talking about a friend of them, I talked with her on the phone after being a labor.
And I got some advice to give birth easily from her.
She was more than willing to see such me and I had a baby.
Plus, when I was with her at Tully’s, my baby son pooped there.
So I went to the baby room to change the diaper.
Then I met a Canadian woman called Amy. And then I met new friends through her.
I thought why he pooped now. But I talked about it with Amy and we said “ Actually it was a lucky poop! “ to each other.
And I shouldn’t forget my family’s support.
My mother and sister supports me and give some advice me as a mother and my family.
My sister’s husband is nice to me. My husband values our baby son.
Looking back again, there was a terrible bad thing.
Not to mention, it’s about the Great East Japan Earthquake.
When there was the earthquake, I walked home from work about for 7 hours.
And then I have to be worried about the radioactive materials. And it hasn’t been over yet.
I haven’t drunk tap water at home. So I have to pay much money to keep getting much mineral
water. And I don’t get vegetables that I wanna eat. I get vegetables that grows in the south of
Japan. Because I don’t need to be worried about the radioactive materials.
So I can’t eat food that I wanna eat.
There are some worries and tough things.
I’m extremely happy after having my baby son more than some worries and others.
I met new friends through my baby son also I saw old friends after having my baby son.
My happiness loops around me on the axis of him.
It doesn’t mean he can live with my support. It means I can live because he is here.
I wanna never forget to thank everything and value meeting and communicating with
People and all that jazz this year.