Sunday, January 08, 2012

Happy time has started*


Time flied and the new-year-holiday was over.
But you know what, I’m a full-time-house wife now. So it doesn’t matter it’s a holiday or not.
But I’m kind of excited when the holiday comes.
Next year I’m gonna come back to work. So this holiday was the last new-year-holiday
that I’m not anxious when the holiday is almost over.
By the way I’ve been wondering it’s the best choice to come back to work or not.
But everytime I think it’s the best choice from some reasons.
I can be a full time house wife anytime.
If I thought I couldn’t do it or got exhausted, I could quit my job.
After coming back to work I don’t wanna push myself and I wanna take it easy.
Working is not suger coated.
I have to find the problems and go the change the way people work.
I might say it’s tough about it next year.
But I don’t have to think something next year now.
I made 4 Japanese special dishes called Osechi for the new year.
I cut corners and I didn’t make one dish even thought I made it last year.
I enjoyed playing our annual card games with my family.
And it was wonderful time to spend time with my nephew and my baby son in the new year.
Happy time has started!


Kay said...

Ahhh... I see kuro mame on your table too. Our neighbor brought some over for us on New Years Day.

Yes, the times with my babies flew by quickly too. I was lucky to be able to stay home for 10 years before I went back to teaching. I am glad I went back to work though. It helped me to add to our income and provide for our children's college education and other expenses more easily.

Emille said...

I see some delicious things on your table! Yes, you, your baby , and your husband have a happy New Year, Aya!

Evita said...

Happy New Year!
Glad to see you are all ok!
How is your little guy?

Give me a huuuuuge kiss for me :)

Enjoy your time off work, it goes so fast!


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