Monday, November 05, 2012

there is a nice view after the tunnel

IMGP7779.jpg When I have time for myself, I tidy up my rooms and study. So I can’t make time for blogging these days. For 2 months I had been worrying about going back to work sometime. But now there is a thing that I want to do and I spend fun time and save positive energy every day. Then there were many incredible synchronicities and timings. So I couldn’t be better. My maternity leave is ending in 3 months. When I imagine the moment when I go back to work, there are some worries. But it must be good. Actually there is a pleasure thing next year, too. Every life goes to happiness. Yeah, it’s true! I took this picture in Kyoto 3 years ago.


Kay said...

I know it will be hard to leave your son when your maternity leave is over, but it's wonderful that you had this precious time to devote to him.

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Maria said...

Dear Aya, so nice to see what you wrote three months ago! I wish you all the best for the new year and for all the good things to come!
Best regards and hugs from Vienna - Maria.

antigoni said...

Marina told me about your new baby.
Congratulations! I hope the best for you and your family.

Marina said...

Check my blog, please! It's important!!! Thank you Aya!!!

Jacob Trowbridge said...

That's a fantastic photo. What I wouldn't give to jump into that gigantic pile of leaves and just tear it up.

Ya know what? I'm going outside to do just that.

Simran Shah said...

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Glennis said...

Nice photo, I like all the fallen leaves.

Lianah said...

yeah it was really a nice view... very relaxing..

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Sharmayne said...

every time I got time for myself I'm going to trekking.. it makes me feel relax and peace
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Mine Host said...

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And so nice photo!