Saturday, March 31, 2012

carm and comfortable in the afternoon on Saturday


in the Saturday afternoon
it's raining out
jazz is playing on the CD player
I cut carrots and burdocks into thin strips

hearing jazz from the living room
and the sound of cutting from the kicthen
and zizzing sound of my husband and babyson from the Japanese style room

it's carm and comfortable in the afternoon on Saturday

by the way I took this picture in the rainy day in Kyoto this time last year.


Maria said...

When reading your words I had the impression to sit beside you at your table, listen to the music and the sounds of your husband and your baby from the living room, to smell the vegetables you cook and -- all that made me perfectly relaxed!
Have a nice week ahead, dear Aya

Pietro said...

Hello Ayamlin! I like your photo, I find the rainy day increases the nice atmosphere there.
About your questions: here the ski season is over, but some ski runs are still working over 2500m.
The daily ski pass is about 25 euro. About food, unfortunately I've never been eating Japanese food: I should like to have a Japanese meal!

I hope you'll have a good lunch next week at the Italian restaurant: which kind of pasta will you eat? Lasagna, agnolotti, spaghetti? Or, maybe, risotto?...
Greetings from Turin :-)

Jean said...

Your poem is so serene, Aya. And I love the photo!

Pietro said...

Hi Ayamlin!

Here much rain! Rain also tomorrow, Sunday: no trip to the mountains!

Surely, I'll try to eat Japanese food, I'd like very much to have a Japanese meal: it must be very good, with delicious flavours, so different from ours.

Have a pleasant weekend :-)

Kay said...

Hello Aya,
Just wanted to let you know that we returned from Japan a couple of days ago. I've started posting about our trip today. I'm so tired, but it was a great trip.

Pietro said...

Hi Ayamlin!
About the yellow flower that in Japanese you call Tampopo: we call it Taraxacum (latin name), or, in Italian, Tarassaco.
Have a nice day!

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Xhakeira said...

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regnel smith said...

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