Wednesday, February 01, 2012

planning baby foods for my baby son like plannning the party


I’ll cook something delish for my baby son and I want him to eat much more.
So I’m plannning for it and writing down the stock of baby foods and things that I’m doing
It’s like preparing for the party.
I gotta enjoy it not to push myself not to get out of breath.


Kay said...

I remember how hard I worked to get a lot of healthy food for my babies too. By the way, I wrote a post several days ago about how Jon was born in the elevator.

The Bohemian Teacher said...

what a beautiful blog. I love all the gorgeous pictures, really hoping you will continue to write more and more!!! :) my best Caro x

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Arvie Wilson said...

I've been always exciting to do a simple party for my kids..
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Callante Craig said...

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Xheyrae Fox said...

my kids loves to eat a lot and they also love baking
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