Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm scared much cesium falling down but also I spent happy time.


Last Wednesday I took part in a playgroup for a caregiver and children in English that
Canadian friend called Amy asked me before.
We meet once a week and play and sing with children.
We use English only. But there is no English teacher. So it’s different from learning English
at school.
But it’s good not to forget English phrase. And also it was lucky to join there because
I made friends with mothers.
By the way these days I hadn’t been caring radio active materials in the air.
Last Wendesday one of mothers said “ Takeda-prof said “Much cesium is falling now. “ “
to me.
I tottally didn’t know that! And I found out much cesium has fallen since the new year.
I started to be scared since I found out it.
So I put a mask for kids on my babyson that it might not work and I wear a mask.
Then we went shopping to the grocery store.
I hung dry my laundry in.
Today I thought I didn’t need to go out and we were at home all day.
I lied on my stomach with my baby son and handed up like a plane together.
When our eyes met, he moved his face to me and pressed his forefead to me.
Way too cute!!!
I’m head over heels for him already!
Then we took a bath around at 6 and.he fell asleep after breastfeeding.
Falling asleep after taking a bath is nice, you know.
He waked up in 30 minutes and ate baby food. Then we lied on the floor.
I put a picture book at my babyson’s side and I was writing a diary about him.
The he rolled over and turned a page himself.
I know it but he really liks picture books.
I like reading books. So I’m more than willing he likes picture books!
I spent happy time today as ever.


Marina said...

Yes dear Aya...."Αγαπημένο" means favorite and it really looks like you, as a name and as a person!
If you continue reading, your son will love books and he'll be a very wise man!!!

Kay said...

Good for you that you're doing a diary for your son! Excellent. He'll be so grateful when he's grown up.

The cesium is a worry, isn't it? Isn't seaweed supposed to be good to fight the effects?

Pietro said...

Hi Ayamlin! I like the beautiful picture!
About your question, the sundials that I post are generally old sundials, but sometimes I've found also modern ones. Certainly, Italy is full of art, houses, monuments, churches, museums, etc: all so interesting!
Have a nice day!

Kay said...

Hi again! I just wanted to let you know that I found the Kinkan ointment for mosquito bites at Don Quijote. Next time I'm going crazy with a bite, I will have to try it. Thank you for the good advice. It does sound a lot like something we have called Afterbite.

Anthony said...

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Mumbles said...

I'm really enjoying reading your blog and seeing your lovely pictures. I am very sorry to read about the cesium--that is very frightening, and my heart goes out to you and your beautiful family.

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Maveerick Uy said...

I never get tired of playing with my babies :)
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