Thursday, January 13, 2011

reading books calmly instead of blogging


It’s the third week of January without knowing after new year and starting to work.
Time flies everyday.
These days I hardly turn on my PC and I often read the book on holidays.
I’m into an author and I finish reading his novels one after another.
I requested his some works and I finished reading one novel a day.
I used to read books on the train on the way to work.
So there are a lot of attractive works of his.
I learned this author from an attractive man that I met.
Some people like reading books and some people don’t like it.
I was lucky to read books since a child because my parents like reading books.
Books that I used to read were not only easy to read but also difficult to read.
So I can enjoy reading difficult books also easy books.
You can able to expend your world through reading books, also connect with many people
through the books.
I can’t count people who connect with me through books.
I connected with the executive director also younger colleagues.
I got along with elder people also young people through books.
When I become a mother, I wanna tell my kids pleasure to read books.
By the way this picture is Galette des Rois that I got for the first time.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy new years*


Happy new years!
I went to my parents’ house on New year’s and spent pleasant time with my sister’s family,
grand mother, mother and us.
I made 5 dishes of Japanese special dishes for new year and I ate other dishes that my
mother and my sister’s husband’s mother.
Ozoni( mochi with vegetables and chicken soup) was delish.
That’s why I’ve gained weight probably.
New year holiday passed quickly.
My tired body and heart soothed perfectly.
My nephew called U-chan was very cute when he waked up in the morning.
Why don’t we spend wonderful and happy year!