Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy new years*


Happy new years!
I went to my parents’ house on New year’s and spent pleasant time with my sister’s family,
grand mother, mother and us.
I made 5 dishes of Japanese special dishes for new year and I ate other dishes that my
mother and my sister’s husband’s mother.
Ozoni( mochi with vegetables and chicken soup) was delish.
That’s why I’ve gained weight probably.
New year holiday passed quickly.
My tired body and heart soothed perfectly.
My nephew called U-chan was very cute when he waked up in the morning.
Why don’t we spend wonderful and happy year!


Enmarcación y Cartonnage Creativo. said...

hmmmmm, all that looks delicious!

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, I like so much to read about these good dishes!
Happy weekend :-)

Marina said...

You had a perfect time, didn't you? I'm rally happy for you and your family!!!

Kay said...

I missed eating ozoni this year. I remember that as being very yummy. I loved seeing your photos.

ayamlin said...

I love Ozoni!!
Oh, I want you to eat Ozoni!
I wish I lived near your house!
by the way you can make datemaki seeing the recipe on this site.
it's easy to cook!
Can you ask your mother read it?

romantic said...

I like so much is delicios; thanks lenjerie intima and good look