Wednesday, October 27, 2010

one plate dinner


When my husband comes home late, I make dinner at home or eat out because it’s a hassle.
It’s depends on my feelings.
If I can come up with something that I wanna go and eat something in some restaurant
when I wanna eat out, I eat out. But most of time, I think I wanna eat out but I can’t
eat various good food in any restaurant.
Last night I thought I wanted to eat out but I decided to have dinner at home.
I made miso soup for two days since I can cut corners tonight. And I fried sliced Japanese
egg plants with Chinese seasonings and I can make the different Chinese dish from it
to put some seasoning tonight.
I’ll come home early tonight and be relaxed with a lap blanket after taking a hot bath.

Monday, October 04, 2010

sweet mom*


It passed over 2 months since my sister had the baby. But I can’t believe it yet.
I can’t imagine such a cute nephew was in my sister.
I shouldn’t say it but my nephew looks really cute.
I think of it not because of my sister’s baby because he looks cute.
I see him once a week but I always want to see him. So I often his pictures in my camera
and cell and say “ He’s really cute. “
I got happiness and a power from him many times.
When I’m with him, my stress, anger and worries go away.
I just feel happy.
My sister is a new mom and she’s been a mom in the rest of her life.
She’s a good mom, I think.
She hasn’t enough sleep since she had a baby. But she seems like she doesn’t think
it’s hard to do it and keeps at it.
In addition she seems like she enjoys raising her baby. Needles to say, she loves
her baby vary much and she is nice to him.
And I sometimes think she became mother.
For instance when the water heater at her house was broken, she had to boil water
with the kettle and put the hot water in the baby bathtub. Then she gave her baby a bath.
Suddenly he, her baby, peed in it.
My sister washed her body with the peed water.
My nephew called U-chan tells his mother. So she talks to him, he smiles and he looks
My sister’s shoulders didn’t get stiff before she had a baby.
But when I massaged her back, it got stiff.
I used to getting rubbed my back by her but on the day I gave her a massage.
Holding the baby is the same as holding a bag of rice. Yeah, it’s tough to keep doing it
Even if she has to wash her body by him peed water, he’s sometime upset.
When he is upset, he doesn’t see her eyes.
Mom takes care of him as possible as she can anytime.
Mom is great.
Of course my nephew is really cute even if he’s upset.
My sister doesn’t work but she is much busier than me.
I want her to keep at it as possible as she can.