Saturday, March 31, 2012

carm and comfortable in the afternoon on Saturday


in the Saturday afternoon
it's raining out
jazz is playing on the CD player
I cut carrots and burdocks into thin strips

hearing jazz from the living room
and the sound of cutting from the kicthen
and zizzing sound of my husband and babyson from the Japanese style room

it's carm and comfortable in the afternoon on Saturday

by the way I took this picture in the rainy day in Kyoto this time last year.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

happy lunch time with new friends


Today I had lunch with two friends of mine at a funcy Italian restaurant.
I met them at the English play group.
The restaurant is funcy and gets a lot of sunshine also every dish tasted really good.
We were able to be at the basement of it by ourselves.
Kids and mothers were relaxed like being at somebody’s house.
Both of them used to live in foreign countries and work using Enlgish.
At first I was gonna using English but after all we enjoyed talking in Japanese all the time.
They said “ I had a image you always talk in Enlgish. When you say something
in Japanese to your kid, I think you get to speak Japanese.And it’s kind of strange
to speak Japanese. “ to me.
I don’t know why but I was kind of pleased or something like that.
We live in Japan but we used to talk in Enlgish most of time.
So it was our first time to enjoy talking in Japanese.
We spent four hours together but time flied.
Every experience is different from the image when you experience.
Especially being mother is tottally different from my image for me.
I think my baby son is cute much more than I had imagined and his life is much more
important than my life. Plus I hadn’t imagined I love him that much and my feelings
and the way I think changed.
Now I think that's what friends who have kids are for.
I wanna cherish such a happy time with my baby son and new friends.
By the way I took this picture in Kyoto this time last year.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

the happiest time*


After my baby son sleeping at night it’s time for myself.
Recently I do housework even though I can use time for myself.
Last night I tidied up the walk-in-closet and threw away some stuff.
When I was pregnant I thew away many things and clothes but we need the space
for my baby son.
It’s difficult to do it and I’ve been thinking about the way I make the space.
Then I got a book for making the simple and clean and organized room on impulse.
It says you keep the things that you get exicited and throw away other things.
I decided to throw away a box of clothes from the way.
I’m sure there are many things that I should throw away.
So, tonight I cleaned the blind spots of the bathroom.
I hardly clean the spots. So it was dirty…..
Putting back the covers on it, you can’t realize where it gets clean.
But I felt really nice even if I can see it outside.
And I just fried croquette that I’m gonna bring it to my mother tomorrow.
Potato that I cooked coroquette was potato that my father-in-law sent us.
He lives in the south of Japan and he often sents vegetables us after the Great East
Japan Earthquake.
I appreciate it always coz I can get safe vegetables.
And now I’m thinking what I cook for my baby son tomorrow.
I gotta do quickly! Now it’s over at midnight.
I took this picture just before.
I like him kicking the cover. Coz he is boy!!
The happiest time when I slip into the warm inside beside him!