Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mom is the best**


At the end of this month there is a exiciting farewell party of work.
They asked me there. SoI really wanted to go there and I was planning to do it.
I didn’t mean to but my baby boy doesn’t like bottlefeeding. So I can’t get someone to look after him.
If I took him there and made an appearance not to drink, I’d go to Nihonbashi of Tokyo at 6:30 at night and how I’d get home to get on the packed train with a babybuggy or holding my babyson.
Oh, it would be dangerous.
In addition the flu is going around. So it’s bad my baby son goes to the center of Tokyo because of being crowded.
I talked to my sister about it. She was finding the way I can go and said “ Why don’t you go to the station near your husband’s work and avoid the rush and go home around at 8? “
But my baby son must be tired because he usually goes to bed early.
So I didn’t have a choice.
“ I’m jealous of dad. He can get such a cute baby also go drinking with friends.”
I thought of it for a moment.
But I thought I was lucky to be mom right away.
Feeling the fetus moving, the pain during a delivery and breastfeeding is really happy things. I feel it more than others probably.
So mom is the best for me.
Sometimes it’s busy to take care of him because he starts to cry when he doesn’t find me.
But I could say “ My prince loves me very much. That’s why he starts to cry. “
Am I happy, or what ?***

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Please save Fukushima's children


A friend of mine posted the website named “ Save Fukushima’s children “.
Seeing this website without thinking, a photo that a child was gotten rid of the radioactive
materials caught my eyes.
I ccouldn’t stand seeing it…..
After becoming a mother, I feel aches to watch the news that children experience hard time.
I signed it right away.
I don’t want children are grown up nowadays to spend hard time in the feature because of
our failure. I wanna do something I can do.
By the way I took this picture in Fukushima several years ago.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Happy days*


Yesterday we went to a large park in Tokyo.
I watched the park on TV before and I learned this park is a very good park.
It was much more wonderful than I imagined. So I wanna go there again bringing
some rice boals!
When my husband took pictures of me holding our baby son, an old man came closer
to us while saying “ I’m your granpa granpa! Oh, you’re cute! You like granpa, eh? “
And then we took pictures together.
When I go somewhere with my baby boy, it’s easier to communicate with people.
Everyday I really enjoy spending time and happy days*