Thursday, August 18, 2011

sweet juice for breast feeding


At hot dusk in the summer vacation
I was getting sleepy when I watched a game of high school baseball tournament
The top of the eighth inning almost finished
I asked my sister to wake me up when the top of the ninth started
And I closed my eyes for a while
When I waked up, my sister was singing to my baby son
And he was singing “ elluAUuuau---“ with her
I said “ How’s the game of high school baseball tournament? “ to her
She told me I didn’t wake up at all when she waked me up.
She gave me a glass of juice saying “ This is a juice for breastfeeding!”
It was a little bit sweet banana juice
She made this simple juice from milk with crushed banana
It was very delish and sweet juice for breastfeeding.
I wanna drink it again and tried to make it!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

mother's special privilege


The thing that I’ve been wanting to do is going to Tully’s and drinking rich and strong coffee.
The day before yesterday I was able to do it after going shopping with my husband.
But my baby son was starting to cry there. I was sure there wasn’t the nursing room.
I totally didn’t know it even though I live here for many years. Actually there was it on the second floor at the grocery store where I go to.
Tully’s coffee that I’ve drunk since a few months was great!
I ordered a plate of desert, too!
There is a lot of thing that I can’t do it since my baby son’s birth.
But there are many customs that got better because I have a baby son.
I don’t sleep in until over at 10 in the morning on weekends. Now I get up around 6 and have breakfast. In addition I go to bed at 9 or 10 at night. It’s a very good lifestyle.
And now it’s very hot but I take a bath not a shower everyday and I hardly don’t watch TV.
I can’t go out by myself.
Because I’m mother not father. Yes, it’s the thing that is hard.
But you can say it’s mother's special privilege.
Mother can feel that her baby’s existence in her womb and she can experience the pain and happiness when the baby comes out from her body. Also she can be breastfeeding to her baby.
I wanna enjoy doing mother’s job!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

tears running....


On the seventeenth day of my baby’s birth I couldn’t stop my tear running because of losing hormone balance after giving a birth.
My baby started to cry terribly from in the middle of the night more than he cried.
He cried strongly in the middle of the night. So I couldn’t sleep well and my mother worried us and got up many times.
He cried terribly in the afternoon also in the evening.
I didn’t know what should I do and I tore many times because I was worried if he became sick. My mother said “ Every mother cry with their babies. Everybody becomes mother doing
that. “ to me.
When my mother went shopping for dinner, I took a nap with my son. Then I waked up and looked for my sister and her son. I thought they were going shopping with mother automatically. And then I realized they got home and I missed them and cried.
I called my sister. Then I cried again.
When my mother came home, she realized and said “ Were you crying? “ to me.
And she said “ you’re lucky your sister got back when you had a baby! And you might not have a chance to spend such a long time together, right? “to me smiling.
By the way this picture is my son being bottlefed from my mother.