Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cherry blossoms after a dream


WBC was over. So I felt like waking up from my dream.
When I waked up from it, cherry blossoms are starting blooming.
Isn’t it really fantastic!?
This weekend it’s the best time to go and see cherry blossoms.
Unfortunately I have to go to work even on Saturday.
But I jogged while seeing cherry blossoms at the park near my house after work.
The cherry blossoms are not in full bloom but I enjoyed jogging while listening to
Mamma mia under cherry blossoms.
By the way this picture is cherry blossoms that I saw when I jogged last Saturday.
The blue sky and pale pink is so beautiful!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today's flower ** very best holiday

Yesterday I met up with my mother and my sister’s family and jogged at the side of the river where you can see wild birds and beautiful flowers.
We left home at around 12:30 and got home around at 4 in the afternoon.
We jogged and sometimes walked but at least we jogged about for two hours and a half hour. We enjoyed jogging while seeing beautiful various things.
Yes, it was comforting but we weretired a little bit.
We were able to see Alcedo atthis, egret, cormorant, canard and various unfamiliar wild birds. In addition we saw wild flowers called “ Katakuri “.
We jogged while talking with each other since it was a long way. So it felt very good.
When we realized my sister and her husband jogged right behind even though they jogged way back on the way home.
My mother said “ Oh, they’re coming! Aya! Don’t lose! “
So I dashed as fast as possible! I couldn’t dash that fast!
They weren’t able to beat me but I got exhausted.
We took a break while drinking coffee. And then we went to the large public bath.
I know it but going to the large public bath after jogging was fabulous!
It was the best holiday we jogged for few hours and took a bath at the large public bath.
We went to the glosery store and my mother made dinner.
My husband came later and everybody started to drink.
When my husband sees my sister and her husband, they can enjoy drinking.
Even if one of them can’t come, they can’t enjoy drinking.
They look fun while saying “ Getting all members together, we gotta drink! “ each other.
When we got home, my husband said “ Why don’t we go drinking to somewhere! “over and over.

Today's flowers

Friday, March 27, 2009

couldn't be happier


It’s really happy Japan wins WBC title.
How great Japanese players are!
And how incredible Ichiro is!
He looks very good also his play is really great. I respect him because he keeps
making many efforts.
But much more impressive thing is his word.
He said “ I thank to all people who cheered us up. “
These days there are many things that I get disappointed about Japan
when I see news on TV. And I admire other countries more than Japan.
I don’t like Japanese people’s nervous face and Japanese nitpicky character.
I’m jealous of western people’s easy-going characters like Manma Mia.
But seeing Ichiro, Japanese is really attractive!
I can think of it from him.
Thank you for such happiness!
Couldn’t be happier!
I never forget this feeling!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tokyo Marathon 2009


The third time Tokyo marathon was held today.!
Every year we left home around 6:30 in the morning.
There is an atmosphere that people are exicited and kind of nervous in the west entrance
of Shinjuku station.
There were much more people who cheered someone up than last year.
So we couldn’t find mother around at the point of 10km.
We waited for her at the point of 20km,32km and 40km and cheered her up while
saying “ Keep going! “ aloud.
Every year we run on the side of the road while cheering her up. So we’re really tired
even if we don’t run full marathon. But seeing her, it was really lucky she was able to
run the marathon. And we also feel happy for her.
She is over 60. But she didn’t slow down and her time was the same as Pro athlete.
There are a lot of task in life. But I thought it’s OK you do even one of them hard
and you get confidence from it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mamma Mia !


Last Wednesday I went to movies to see Mamma Mia with my sister.
We had thought nobody was there but it was fully packed.
We sat on the seat of the third row and enjoyed seeing powerful visuals in the front of the screen.
In the first place I was gonna enjoy myself. So I sang songs shaking my body like live concerts!
A little foreign kid who sat diagonally forward left waved to the screen.
We wanted to stand up and dance with actresses but nobody did that since Japanese people are shy. So we couldn’t do it.
My sister looked impressed and said “ I couldn’t stand sitting there. Don’t you want to dance? “ to me.
After getting home I sang songs while seeing you tube.
Speaking of which, why western old men and old women are soooo cooooool?
They’re completely bright and really energetic. They look like truly living.
Everything is bright in this movie.
Meryl Streep also her friends are sooooooooo COOOL!
Of course Pierce Brosnan is really HOOOOOT! You know he was Bond in movies before.
I wanna live brightly like them. Even if I was worried about something, I wanna live optimistically. I got the movie soundtrack.
Next time I’ll get the DVD and see it in the small home theater at my sister’s house while drinking and dancing!
By the way this is a restaurant in Whistler.
I really like completely bright western people.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I like people


How's your life going?
Recently I've been busy at work.
Sometimes I feel down and sometimes I have a full energy.
Sometimes I thank to people at work and sometimes people at work annoy I think.
Relationships are annoying sometimes but relationships are very fun.
There are lot of things in life.
And even if you live in other countries, it's the same as me.
I found out it after reading maria's comment.
Thank to Maria.
by the way maria, this picture wins at work:)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Spring has come!


My husband made sour sweet pork on the previous day of girl’s day.
But I couldn’t eat it since had already dinner.
On the following day I worked overtime and it became our main dish for dinner.
I’ ve been really busy at work.
But I have full energy now.
I’m feeling really nice.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Is it good? or bad?


Last week there was a pleasant thing last week.
My picture win a prize at a contest of my company.
My company is using my picture for some poster or something.
I’ve liked seeing pictures and drawings since a student but I didn’t use to be interested
in taking pictures. I started taking pictures since I started posting blog.
It was good to enjoy taking pictures easily.
By the way this is branch last Sunday.
I used to eat bread for breakfast. These days I eat rice for breakfast once a while.
Probably I can save household fees and it’s low in calories.
But I have to clean more dishes than when we eat bread. So I wanna cut down dishes
as possible as I can. So I got plates that have gap.
On the other day I said an older woman who works after getting married “ You’re great.
Because you work also do house works hard.”
Then she said “ I quit making dinner on week days. Why don’t you do that? It’ would be
very good for you. “ to me.
It’s OK for her. But I don’t wanna do it…..
I wanna work kind of hard but also do house work kind of hard.
Put it better, valance is good butput it worse, I’m not a real career woman.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I heart this blog

I'm more than delighted Maria who is my valuable friend gave me an award of "I ♥ This Blog award".
Thanks to Maria.
You're always sweet.
and if I didn't meet you, I would'n've had such a wonderful blog world.

I wanna send this blog to three people.

1. Pietro of Pietro Brosio Gallery
2. Sandy of writing in Faith
3. Anette of krakilette

Enjoy your award and let others know you ♥ their blogs too!