Thursday, August 07, 2008

When I got home last Friday-night, my husband said “ We’ve got a big problem!!” to me.I couldn’t get it at the time. And then he let me see the drawer under IH at the kitchenand there were a lot of small insect there.I bought some sesame at a farmer's cooperative before. It was made without any useof pesticides.I thought it’s good for health. But it means there might be some insects there.And they grew in the bag probably.He said “ I killed many insects and cleaned there. “ But there were still many insects.So we used the insect killer called “ Barusan “ in the living room.After it we wiped the floor in the kitchen and the livingroom.It took longer time than we imagined and we wiped there till in the middle of the night.Next day we opened the drawer, we found some insects there.They didn’t die. Probably they hid in the box or something.They’re still alive there. So stuff in the drawer is put on the counter in the kitchen andon the table in the living room.It must be not over for a while.By the way this is recent dinner at my home.Negi-Toro-Don was good. We ate it after a long time.

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