Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Last Saturday I got up at 9:30 in the morning. That was still a little bit early in my book.It was already very hot.Opening the entrance door, the wind came through the room.It felt really nice.I wanted to clean up my place since yesterday. So I started cleaning my room as soon as I got up.I organized stuff and vacuuming and wiped the top of the furniture one after another. And then I wiped the floor in the kitchen.I polished the mirror in the bathroom also the counter and the basin.All rooms became sparkle. So it was very good start of holidays.My husband bought some hamburgers of Mac. So I took some breaks with it.And then I started to make corn croquette because my sister’s husband requested for it.I tried to make side dishes from yellow and red vegetables as much as possible.Also I made a small contrivance in it.It means I made five pieces of corn croquette with imitation crab.Yes, I meant to make only five even though my family is six people.At night I went to my parents’ house and I dished up something and fried coroquette withmy mother and sister. I served them before it got cold.Then I said “ If there is imitation crab in the coroqutte in your plate, you have to say “ Three” after eating it. “ “ Three “ is the favorite line of a Japanese comedian and It is coming in in Japan.At the beginning my sister’s husband found the imitation crab in it and he made a funnyface and said “ Three “ like the Japanese comedian.Then my sister said “ Three “ with a funny face while being embarrased.Around the time my mother found out it that I got the imitation crab in every coroquetteexcept mine.After all my parents didn’t do it.Last Saturday I was a little bit tired due to the hot day. But I went over the hard timewithout knowing after eating dinner and drinking alcoholwith my family.It’s like the cold winter night passed and bright hot summer has come.Now, everybody is pouring beer each other.Why don’t you guys drink with us!

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